Our Kitchen


Cooked in a kitchen in pots and pans not made in a factory in pipes and tanks!


Lodge Farm Kitchen started life in a converted stable. It looked very cute, with the hanging baskets full of fragrant herbs and the old wooden bench outside for those well-earned breaks. But after 5 years the business had grown to the point that the initial set-up had become hugely expensive and inefficient to operate – no mains gas, no access for delivery lorries and we found ourselves snowed in on a regular basis!


August 2014 saw the business move into a purpose built, state of the art kitchen in the centre of beautiful Ross-on-Wye. Nothing has changed in our cooking methodology, our processes or our values – we are just a lot more efficient and have had to buy a few more big pots and pans. Deliveries in and out are also considerably easier to manage – just ask Steve, our APC delivery guy!


Every day local produce is harvested and delivered to Lodge Farm. Every day we turn these fantastic fresh ingredients into delicious meals for you or your customers.


The meals are blast frozen on the same day that they are cooked. This means that all of the flavour, freshness and goodness is quickly locked in place ready for you to enjoy. Even The Daily Mail agrees that our fast freezing process is the right thing to do - take a look at their recent article about fresh vs. frozen food.


We use only the ingredients that you would use at home. We add nothing to enhance the colour or to make it last longer. We have no ‘e’ secrets and our acid test is that a 7 year old should be able to spell all of our ingredients.