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Kitchen Secrets

Fresh Kale Salad with Chestnuts and Apple

Do not despair, salad lovers! Just because Autumn is making her presence felt it does not mean that we have to stop eating salad. The kitchen garden is looking sad but there it is still producing an abundance of fresh vegetables. The variety may be less but that is what seasonal eating is all about.

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apple and blackberry crumble

Apple and Blackberry Crumble

If I had to choose one season to live in permanently it would unquestionably be Autumn. The days are cool enough to wrap myself up in a big cosy jumper and the nights cold enough to light the fire without the inevitable argument with my husband as to whether the temperature warrants a fire or

Chicken Kebabs

When I asked my children about their favourite foods, this recipe came up. Even their friends, all 30 plus years now, have fond memories of enjoying these kebabs at summer parties! They are very easy to make, but you need to invest in good saffron. I always favour Persian saffron, but I appreciate that I

Simple Persian Shirazi Salad Recipe

Get a taste of the Mediterranean with this flavoursome Persian Shirazi salad. Popular as a side dish in Middle Eastern cuisine and such a simple yet brightly coloured salad that will provide you with a herby zingy taste, perfect for accompanying tasty meals. Ingredients: Salad Dressing Method: Give this recipe a go and pair with

Easy Homemade Salad Dressing Recipe

What better way to enhance a salad than with a delicious, easy-to-make salad dressing. Turn your standard salads into something exciting!  Discover our quick and easy recipe for a delicious salad dressing: Ingredients Method: We hope you love this salad dressing as much as we do (what’s not to love?!). For more Kitchen Secrets and

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