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We cannot turn the clock back

Thanks to a few influential people drawing our attention to the devastation we are causing, a global consciousness is returning.

Once we are aware of the environmental degradation caused by our way of living, we can become overwhelmed with anxiety and sink into a melancholy state of hopelessness, thinking what difference will our effort make.

Sustainable Packaging
Compostable Wooden Tray

Our packaging

We strive to use sustainable packaging where we can:

  • Use compostable materials when possible. We use compostable wooden trays made from poplar wood which is fast growing and can be used in the garden as a seed tray.
  • Our sleeves are made from recycled paper
  • We use cardboard boxes with wool insulation or recycled paper
  • Ice packs are reusable

How we are kind to the earth

This non exhaustive list is our efforts:

  • We take all glass to the bottle bank
  • We bale all our card and have it collected for recycling
  • We never use palm oil as an ingredient, none of our products contain a trace of palm oil, not even palm oil that claims to be sustainable
  • All surplus food is donated to a local food bank 
  • The majority of staff walk to work 
  • We group deliver to our retail customers

There is so much more that we should be doing to make a real change. We will be amongst the first to follow new government policy, we will keep searching for new compostable, recyclable materials and we will endeavour to encourage our suppliers to do the same.

Putting right all the wrong is a monumental task and we must all do everything that is within our power to bring about real and lasting change.

How can we bring about change to restore and nourish the earth when we live such a frenetic, consumer lead life? The Gaia philosophy is that ‘the earth and everything on it constitutes a single self- regulating living entity’, therefore every one of us is a component in that entity and so we all matter.

Accepting that we are a part of nature, a part of this enormous living entity is a very good start. Kindness should be the next step, kindness towards the earth, working with nature and not against it, for example eat fruit and vegetables that are in season, avoiding air freight, polytunnels, heating of greenhouses… followed by kindness to each other and kindness to ourselves.

An idea can become a thought, a thought may lead to action, an action can become habit.

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