Meal Boxes

Discover our delicious range of ready to go, homemade meal boxes that are perfect for stocking up the freezer or to send as a gift. Choose from free-range chicken, locally sourced beef, vegetarian, vegan and more.

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  • All About The Pies Meal Box

    Pamper yourself and your loved ones with our mouth-watering homemade ready made pies! Made with love, our pies are crafted with hand made all butter (NO palm oil) puff pastry, locally sourced beef and vegetables and free range chicken.
  • Indian Meal Box

    Our Indian Meal Box suppers are made with the best, freshest locally sourced ingredients, cooked simply and skilfully resulting in a delicious, wholesome meal.
  • Midweek Comfort Meal Box

    Treat yourself to our Midweek Comfort Meal Box of high quality comfort suppers. Made with love and care, our meals are free from preservatives, additives and colour.
  • New Parents Meal Box

    Congratulations on your new bundle of joy. As a parent, we know that cooking a delicious and healthy meal can be challenging at any time, let alone when you are deprived of sleep and feeling vulnerable, but, it doesn’t have to be with our homemade ready meal boxes. 
  • Spicy Ready Meal Box

    Experience a culinary journey with our delicious homemade ready made Spicy Ready Meal Box! Bursting with aromatic flavours of Thailand and exotic aromas of India.
  • Vegan Meal Box

    Try our delicious homemade Vegan Meal Box whether you follow a vegan diet or not! Our Vegan Meal Box suppers are made with the best, freshest locally sourced ingredients.
  • Vegetarian Meal Box

    Delight in the goodness of homemade, delicious and ready to go vegetarian meals made from the best and freshest locally sourced ingredients.