Gluten Free

  • Roasted Provencal Vegetables

    Try the exquisite flavours of the Mediterranean with our Provencal Roasted Vegetables! Perfect for a light lunch with bread or as a flavourful accompaniment to any meal.
  • Smokey Bean Chilli

    Try our mouth-watering Smoky Bean Chilli, packed with bold and delicious flavours that will leave your taste buds begging for more!
  • Thai Green Chicken Curry

    Experience the authentic taste of Thailand with our Free Range Thai Green Chicken Curry, made using only the freshest ingredients.
  • Thai Red Chicken Curry

    Savour the mouth-watering taste of Thailand with ourĀ  Thai Red Chicken Curry. Crafted using succulent British free-range chicken, zesty lime juice, fiery red chilli, and tender aubergines.
  • Vegetable Jalfrezi

    Our vegetable jalfrezi is the perfect fusion of fragrant flavours and healthy ingredients! Packed with crunchy, roasted vegetables and warming spices.