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Author: Jess Pritchard

Black Treacle Bread

This is really a soda bread. Soda breads are great when you have no bread in thehouse and you need some quickly. They do not need to be kneaded and they needno time for proving. It is simply a case of mixing all the ingredients and baking. Ingredients: Method:

Nettle soup

The hedgerows are beginning to flourish, and food is gradually becoming more abundant. Nettles are amongst the first to close the Hungry Gap and this recipe is perfect for making use of fresh, nutritious nettles! Ingredients: Method: To make the garnish

Naan bread

This is Naan bread, the perfect accompaniment to a curry. It’s a flat leavened bread that is light, delicious and bears no resemblance to the supermarket naan bread. Put those tasteless, additive packed imposters out of your head and give this a go, you won’t look back! Ingredients: Method:

Gingerbread Characters

Queen Elizabeth 1 is credited as the pioneer of figurative gingerbread. It is believed that she requested figures to be made resembling her most favoured courtiers. The recipe I am sharing was passed down to me by an American grandmother whose delightful grandson I had the pleasure of teaching in London. She fondly described how

Fresh Kale Salad with Chestnuts and Apple

Do not despair, salad lovers! Just because Autumn is making her presence felt it does not mean that we have to stop eating salad. The kitchen garden is looking sad but there it is still producing an abundance of fresh vegetables. The variety may be less but that is what seasonal eating is all about.

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