Welcome to Lodge Farm Kitchen

“For if you bake bread with indifference, you bake a bitter bread that feeds but half man's hunger.” Khalil Gibran
So true; that is why at Lodge Farm we take such great care preparing your meals.
Lodge Farm Kitchen is a family business founded in 2009, which, for the first 5 years, was located on our farm nestled in a valley in rural Herefordshire. On the farm we grow many of our own vegetables and herbs, and we keep a herd of Dexter cattle. All of these were used in our launch range of six main meals.
Having moved the business to a lovely kitchen in the heart of Ross-on-Wye in August 2014 – with mains gas and everything - nothing has changed about the way we source our ingredients or prepare our dishes … we just employ a couple more people and we produce more than Louisa ever dreamt of doing when she set up the business on the farm.
We are committed to continuing to support our neighbouring farmers by using their produce and we will always hand-prepare high quality, traditionally cooked, yet contemporary farmhouse food for your freezer.
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Heavenly home cooking from the heart of Herefordshire...