Our Story


Our mission at Lodge Farm Kitchen is to provide our customers with convenient, tasty, nutritious frozen meals made from fresh ingredients sourced locally whenever we can – all hand prepared with pride, passion & integrity.


It would be great if we all had the time to cook a delicious meal from scratch every night for ourselves and our families but the reality of life today makes that almost impossible. Even the greatest working domestic god or goddess cannot achieve that dream.


So let us help you…


Our meals are convenient because they have a 12 month shelf life from the date cooked by us in our kitchen and can be cooked from frozen by you in yours. We supply wholesale ready meals available to stock in your shop, deli or supermarket - get in touch to find out how you can stock our products.


They are tasty because we are experienced, creative cooks; we use the best, local fresh ingredients and prepare the dishes utilising tried-and-trusted home cooking skills.


Our range of ready meals are nutritious because they have no added preservatives or colouring or anything else horrid in them and they are blast frozen to retain all the goodness and flavour we’ve put into them.


Doing our bit for the planet is important to us too. We have massive compost bins and a wormery at the farm for all green and brown waste. We recycle all tins, card, glass and plastic. Our own packaging can be re-used, a lot of it can be composted and the last little bit can be recycled.


We hope you enjoy your evening (or lunchtime) with one of our delicious dishes.