Fish Pie

Treat yourself to our luxury fish pie, made with fresh and natural smoked haddock and salmon for a subtle yet irresistible taste. The responsibly sourced fish is carefully mixed into a fresh made parsley sauce, creating perfect harmony and topped with a generous layer of buttery, mashed potato.

Our children were fortunate enough to have a mother with time to cook, a rare thing today and the classic fish pie was always a favourite. I make it today almost every time our children and grandchildren come to visit us at Lodge Farm. They visit a little too frequently to have it every time they visit!

However, often enough for our three year old granddaughters, to pretend to make Cici’s fish pie in their mud kitchen. I can’t imagine there are many three olds who pretend to make fish pie, chocolate cake yes, but fish pie?

Potato (41%), MILK, salmon (10%, FISH), haddock (10% FISH) smoked haddock (10% FISH), butter (MILK), flour ((WHEAT) calcium carbonate, iron, thiamine, (vitamin B1) niacin), parsley, EGG, salt, black pepper

Energy 694kJ/165kcal, Fat 7.0g of which saturates 3.6g,
Carbohydrate 15g of which sugars 2.0g, Protein 10g, Salt 0.27g

Can be cooked from frozen, or defrost in fridge overnight before cooking.
Not suitable for cooking in a microwave.

  1. Preheat your oven to 170ºC, 325ºF gas mark 3.
  2. Remove this sleeve and plastic wrapping but keep in the wooden baking mould and place on a baking tray. Our wooden baking moulds are suitable for the oven,just make sure they are not too close to a direct flame or element.
  3. Cook for 40 minutes if already defrosted, or cook for 55 minutes if still frozen. Cook until piping hot and lightly browned.
  4. Leave for a couple of minutes before serving.